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Snoop is lighting it the afterlife as he searches for the loss souls of music icons.

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Willow Bends has been scouting perfect locations for Christmas movies for years. This make-believe life has made her cynical and now she has stopped believing in the magic of Christmas.
When she arrives in a charming North Carolina mountain town, she rediscovers that magic as she finds herself starring in her own real-life Christmas movie.
Willow is now living every Christmas movie storyline; she "bumps" into her true love Zach, the handsome mayor, she must save the inn from foreclosure, she is finding her Christmas spirit.
Is it the magic of Christmas warming Willow's cold heart? Will she have a Christmas movie happy ending? Will she have a Wonderful Life? Only Willow can write her story's final page.




Executive producer RZA

From executive producer RZA (The Dead Don’t Die, Nobody), the horror movie Nyctophobia has just announced it cast through Deadline, along with the official plot synopsis.

Bianca D’Ambrosio (Call Jane), Chiara D’Ambrosio (High Heat), BJ Tanner (Station 19), Dana Powell (Bridesmaids), Sean O’Bryan (Olympus Has Fallen) and Dean McDermott (Open Range) star in Nyctophobia, being directed by Kim Noonan (Pepper).


“In the film, twin sisters Rose (Bianca D’Ambrosio) and Azalea (Chiara D’Ambrosio) and their friend Brooks (Tanner) find themselves trapped in a supernatural blackout in which monsters are real. Their only hope for survival comes from the light of their cellphone.”

Koji Steven Sakai (The Commando) wrote the script.

“Mike Smith and RZA’s Razor Sharp Records will score the movie,” Streaming soon.

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Charlie Daniels
Long Hair Country Boy


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