We are screenplay writers. Hidden on a mountain in Dark Corner South Carolina, we are a refuge for imagination and creative adventures. We strive for excellence and except nothing less in ourselves and others.

Our mission is to develop exceptional scripts that inspire, entertain and leave a footprint in the Zeitgeist.

We are Explorers, searching for the "What If". 

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As an award-winning Chicago Tribune journalist, Vicki Vass traveled the corners of the world looking for the story. From a mud hut in the jungles of Sudan Africa reporting on the civil war, to the mansions of world leaders and the movie sets of Hollywood stars. She landed in her little corner of the world on top of a mountain in Dark Corner Carolina. There in her retreat, she has written several best-selling Cozy Mystery series and screenplays for film and television. Her screenplay “Christmas at the Grey Horse Inn” has been made into a feature film to be released 11-25-2022.

Some of  Vicki’s acclaim include keynote speaker for Sisters in Crime the national associate of  female mystery writers, a Mystery & Mayhem award winner, Best Annual Report International Association of  Business Communicators lifetime award winner, 3-Time Winner Helen Cody Baker Awards for Non-Profit Communications, Best Feature Section Illinois Press Association, Silver Trumpet Award Publicity Club of  Chicago, Best News Feature Illinois Press Association.

Her journalist eye and art for the story has made her one of the leading speakers for both fiction writer associations and journalist associations across the world.

Antiques,  vintages jewelry and Australian Sheppards, and her husband Brian are just a few things on Vicki's  must have list.

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Award-winning SiFi novelist, screenplay writer and song writer, Brian Tedeschi finds, mentors and develops new artists for film and music. Brian identifies opportunities to grow relationships between film makers, musicians and local as well as national film boards. These relationships create a pipeline for projects for both Indie and major film and television platforms.

Currently Brian is working with local Carolina musicians on soundtracks for feature film releases. 


Guitars, writing stories while camping in the Blue Ridge, Australian Sheppards and Vicki his wife, are just a few things on Brian's must have list.

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Three sisters down on the peach farm in 1968 coming of age with a country coming of age.




Mrs. Claus grants a little girl’s wish and becomes her Christmas Fairy Godmother. movie-script



by its cover

A reimagining of Cyrano de Bergerac, neurotic Roxanne is afraid to venture into the world until a magical book helps her find her reckless courage. movie-script

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Wrong side of the tracks...

Wrong side of the universe.

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 A magical dog jumps into a troubled young boy’s dreams to help him retrieve his courage.  movie-script

Dream Retriever


The Golden




Runaway slave turned Union soldier raising his daughter in unforgiving western town. movie-script


"A dog's journey home"

When a dog is stolen and abandoned in a snowstorm in the mountains, he must battle his way home to the boy he loves. movie-script

Lost in the


Are you there?

Paranormal psychology student lights a candle to summon a spirit, igniting a demonic game of 20 questions. As the candle melts so does her chance to survive. movie-script


Textile anthropologist dons a dress and travels back in time to find her future. movie-script

In Time


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A witch trapped between worlds and lost in time. #1 cozy paranormal.


Evil has awoken in Asheville, North Carolina, and Terra Rowan must prepare the Ladies of the Biltmore Society for battle

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Encrypted into our DNA is the lost lexicon of mankind.

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Alexandra Kustodia searches for rare gems in the most remote areas of the world. Her family’s fate is tied into the legacy of the Russian imperial family. Secrets from the past haunt her dreams as a killer hunts her.


Grandma Jan, has a daily routine and keeps to it.  Until she discovers the postman murdered.

Best-selling Antique Hunters Cozy Mystery Series

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Anne Hillstrom is hunting antiques, a diet that works and her Great Aunt Sybil's killer.

Antique hunters Anne Hillstrom and CC Muller witness the tragic death of rising country star, Dave Southwell.  they head to Nashville looking for clues.

Antique hunter Anne Hillstrom’s whirlwind shopping tour to Paris comes to a dead stop, as dead as the man sitting next to her on the plane.

A mysterious woman appears on the doorstep of Great Aunt Sybil’s Attic in the middle of the night, an old lantern clutched to her chest

In 1865, Elizabeth Keckley, Mary Todd Lincoln’s dressmaker, conspired to change the course of the Civil War.  The Antique Hunters unravel the mystery that has left a trail of dead bodies for 150 years.

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In 1893, the world came to Chicago bringing with it innovation, art and an unsolved mystery.


Current available scripts

Modern day pirate's tale of an island that demands blood for gold.


Cannibal Cheerleader in a high school full of Barbies. movie-script.

Failing country singer, Mercy Riley, returns to her cozy hometown, Snowflake Falls.  movie-script.

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